Lionel pw-3413

MERCURY CAPSULE LAUNCHING CAR (PARACHUTE CAR) RARITY 4 (1962 - 1964) The parachute has been used and it is torn on the corners. No box. SERIAL>11938EXOB: An extremely tough piece that's actually mint, but with a problem. It has a cracked back suoerstructure railing(see arrows). Has original box with end flaps, original rocket with parachute(slightly detached from the capsule, and rocket has the usual two cracks up top). It's unfortunate, but this mint


Built 1962-1964. Red molded car with LIONEL heat stamped on sides. AAR trucks, unpainted gray superstructure. The thin plastic rocket tube is prone to cracking. A cloth parachute with wood risers is attached to the capsule and is packaged inside of the rocket - you manually cock the mechanism, place the rocket on it and use a remote control track to fire it off.
  • The white booster was tied to the railing of the superstructure with a string, causing it to stop traveling while inertia carried the parachute equipped gray plastid capsule further upward. Its red parachute then opened, allowing it to gently return to earth.
  • In reality, the spring-loaded mechanism often released with the car still in the carton, destroying the box, and the force of the spring was such that when the slack came out of the spring, it often broke the handrail it was tied to.
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