Lionel pw-404



This RDC was produced by Lionel in 1957 and 1958. It was the engine in the 2276W set, in which it led two trailer 2559 RDC units. The protoypes were some of the more popular trains in the 1950s. They were some of the first air-conditioned trains to enter service on major railroads. They were used heavily on the Baltimore and Ohio, as well as the Canadian National. Amtrak also used them once that entity was created by the Federal Government. The beauty of these units is that they can operate as a single unit or in a lengthy train seamlessly.
  • Lionel's version of the model has a silver painted body, blue heat-stamped lettering, two-axle Magne-Traction, illuminated interior (with 3 bulbs), horn (D Cell battery required, but not included), pullmor motor, metal trucks and baseplate. It is tough to find a Postwar Lionel Budd Car with a perfect silver body. This item is more rare than the 400 powered Budd car because many customers preferred having the motorized passenger car instead of the motorized baggage car.
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