Lionel pw-57



This item was available for sale in 1959 and 1960 for separate sale only. 2-4-2 Vulcan switcher. This engine would have been seen shunting the yard. It has an unpainted white body with red painted cab sides and white heat stamped lettering. However, the bodies on these engines rarely stay white. Age takes it's toll by turning the white a yellowish/cream color
  • Features stylized Atomic Energy Commission logo on each side of the cab (AEC), ornamental bell, chemically blackened side and low end rails, three position E-unit, no light, operating couplers, and the famous Pullmore motor. The window struts are often broken or repaired. They were a structural weak spot and often broke right away if the owner grabbed the item from the top. It is extremely tough to find one of these with a pure-white cab and intact struts.
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