Lionel pw-6431



Produced and cataloged in 1966 only. This odd rarity, produced with excess inventory has become quite rare. Perhaps introduced to add more play value, or to be added to the 460 platform. The set included the 6430 flatcar with white Copper-Jarret trailers, and die-cast red painted Midgetoy tractor(stamped inside "MIDGE TOY/ROCKFORD ILL./U.S.A./PAT./2775847". The 6430 was first cataloged in 1958-59, but would be available into the early 60's. The Midgetoy tractor was introduced in 1966 with the rare 461 platform. This set was packaged in a rare special cellophane window display box with insert. The number 6431 only appeared rubber-stamped on the box end flap. Hence this is an extremely rare box to find intact. The flatcar was usually a lite red molded 6424-11 frame with AAR trucks(but examples have been found with 6511-2 molded frame and bar-end trucks, once again Lionel using excess inventoty). Interesting to note the 1966 cataloged only pictured the 6430 flatcar with trailers only, no Midgetoy tractor?

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