Lionel pw-6464-175black ltr



This car was produced in 1954 and 1955. This Rock Island 6464 boxcar is painted silver and has heat stamped lettering. Other than the colors, this car is identical to the 6464-75 green Rock Island boxcar. Even the build date stamped on the side of the car was not modified it still says NEW 5-53, the year the -75 made its debut. Most came on a Type 1 body mold (Lionel made several minor changes to the body mold of its boxcars over the years. The variations center mostly around the rivet patterns on the sides). It was only a component of one set the 2217WS steam set from 1954. However, it was also available for separate sale. It features bar-end, die cast trucks with operating couplers on both ends, as well as a separately-applied brake wheel.
  • Most -175s came with blue lettering, but this version has black letters. This car is given the highest possible rarity grading in the Doyle price guide (8 of 8). Book value for a like new example is $1,900. jz
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