Lionel pw-6464-400 2b blt.54

BALTIMORE & OHIO BOXCAR - TYPE 2B BODY WITH 5-54 BUILD DATE silver, revealing a tiny bit of the blue shell. The two dots that are the most visible in that close-up are the edges - the flaw runs the distance between them. Check out the photos. None of these minor findings detract from the overall quality of this boxcar. No box.


This car was produced in 1956, 1957 and 1969. It was only available as part of one set the 1555WS O27 steam set from 1956. It was also available for separate sale through its years of production. T his was an oddity because the 6464 cars typically were featured in the premium O Gauge sets. This particular version came as a Type 2b body mold, where the cutout for the ice hatch of the 6352 is faintly visible (Lionel made several minor changes to the body mold of its boxcars over t he years. The variations center mostly around the rivet patterns on the sides). These cars were molded in two different shades of blue, with no significance concerning the rarity of the piece. It features a Baltimore and Ohio Timesaver to the right of both doors. This car came with bar-end, die cast trucks, a separately applied brake wheel, a nd operating couplers at both ends. Despite being built in 1956 or 1957, Lionel mistakenly left BLT 5-54 on the side of this car, instead of updating the heat stamp that produced the weight capacity figures on the right side of the doors. It was reproduced in 1969 because Lionel was trying to empty its factory pending the sale of the company in 1970.

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