Lionel pw-6464-75 type 1



This car was one of the first 6464 boxcars that Lionel produced. It was built in 1953 and 1954. This car was available for separate sale, and as part of the premium 2211WS set in 1953. Lionel brought back the 6464-75 in 1969 to sell remaining inventory, but the lettering on that version is a different color. It was cast in a "type 1" 6464 body mold. The different 6464 body molds can be identified primarily by the rivet patterns to the left of the doors. The body and doors are painted green. Both glossy- and flat-finish cars were produced, but the flat finish is far more common. The gold lettering is heat stamped. They all camewith bar-end trucks and operating couplers on both ends.The correct box is the "Middle Classic" style box.

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