Lionel pw-6468-25



This car was available for sale from 1956 through 1958. It was included in the 2263W New Haven EP-5 set from 1956, 1579S O27 2037 steam set from 1957 and the 2507W New Haven F3 set from 1958. The body was modified from a 6464 body but the doors are unique to the 6468 line (there was also a Baltimore and Ohio version). While this was technically called an automobile car, none ever came with it. The body is unpainted plastic and the lettering is heat stamped. Stamped metal frame and brake wheel. This car came with die cast bar end trucks and operating couplers on both ends. A few variations exist, all concerning the NH logo. Some cars had a white N and black H, while others were the opposite. Most cars had the N missing part of the serif on the right side. The more rare version has a full N. Cars normally had Black N and White H on left of door on one side of car and same color lettering (black N and white H) on right side of door on the other side of the car.

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