Lionel pw-6468x



  • This car is one of the most sought after pieces of postwar rolling stock.
  • It probably was never sold seperately and was only issued as part of the Santa Fe 0-27 set 1535W from 1955. According to the Greenberg set book, the 1535W was shown in the advanced catalog with a carry-over 6464-50 Minneapolis and St. Louis boxcar. However, it is believed that they ran out of those boxcars too quickly to fill all of the orders, so they painted some of the blue 6468s brown to keep the continuity with the catalog.
  • The cars' body is a modified 6464-style double-door automobile boxcar. It is painted tuscan on a black body mold with white, heat stamped lettering.
  • Car is actually numbered 6468. Automobile and B & O logo on right. It features a brake wheel, die cast bar-end trucks and operating couplers on both ends.
  • The correct box has 6468X Baltimore and Ohio Automobile Car. The X is rubber stamped to the right of the 6468.
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