Lionel pw-65



HAND CAR Motorized Unit. Unpainted body with raised lettering. Light and dark versions exsist. As car moves around track the men "pump" the handle making it appear as thought they are propelling the car. Vinyl men sometimes react with body making what appears to be melt marks. Built 1962-66. Indeed, the heat from a few seconds of trunning usually started an inreversable reaction causing the feet of the men to melt and meld with the plastic of the handcar body. SERIAL>15840VG:
  • Here's a real find with original men wih feet unmelted and still seperate from the car body
  • Graded Very Good (C-6) because a corner of the platform on one end is missing, and there is a screw crack that leads to the man in red. Otherwise, a very nice piece that
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