Lionel pw-665



  • The 665 Santa Fe-style Hudson (4-6-4 drive wheel pattern) was available for sale from 1954 through 1956, then again in 1966. Although Lionel stopped producing this engine in 1956, they had enough units left over to use them in sets through 1959. It was available in the following sets (with the year in parenthesis): 2201WS (1954), 2237WS (1955), 2257WS (1956), 2277WS (1957), 2503WS (1958), 2509WS (1958), 2535WS (1959), 2539WS (1959), and 12840 (1966)
  • The 665 can be distinguished from other 4-6-4 steamers because it has a horizontal water tank on the top of the boiler front
  • With black-painted die-cast metal boiler, this engine sports Lionel's famous Spur motor, mounted in a metal frame and geared to drive all six wheels. This set up delivered outstanding tractive performance
  • It was supplied variously with the 6026W Santa Fe-tender or the stream lined 2046W tender, both lettered Lionel Lines, for the earlier version. The 1966 version came with a 736W tender that was lettered as Pennsylvania Railroad
  • This engine also features an operating smoke unit, three-position reverse unit, and headlight, trailing truck with plastic side frames,li>Produced with both white rubber stamped and white heat stamped cab number under the engineers windows
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