Lionel pw-675

2-6-2 or 2-6-4 STEAM LOCO AND TENDER


Lionel 2-6-2 Steam Loco and Tender. Black painted die-cast body. Ornamental bell and wire hand rails. It features a 3 position E-unit operating head light and smoke. Built 1947-1949 and 1952. There are a few different versions. From 1947-49, it was a 2-6-2 wheel configuration with a detailed trailing truck. The earliest production version in 1947 had Baldwin disc drivers and 675 was heat stamped on the keystone on the boiler front and came with a 2466WX tender. This version is a rarity 4 according to the TM price guide. From late 1947 forward, a PRR keystone decal with the number 5690 was placed instead of the stamped 675. The 2466WX tender continued to be produced through 1948. In 1949 it came with a 6466WX tender. In 1952, it became a 2-6-4. The detailed cast trailing truck was replaced with a cheaper-looking 4 wheel trailing truck. The same one was used on engines like the No. 2037. The drivers were replaced with drivers similar to those found on the 2055 baby Hudson. This version came with a 2046W tender.

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