Lionel pw-712a



Produce by Lionel in 1941-43. Lionel had started production on precision instruments for the U.S. Navy long before before the Pearl Habor attack on December 7th, 1941. The 1941-42 catalog cover's would feature patriotic images, and illustrate in great detail Lionel's contribution's to national defense and the war effort. Lionel produced the compass binnacles cases(holds the compass) and sensitive navigational instruments to guide the course of the U.S. Navy's growing battle fleets at the time. The 1942 catalog illustrated where these Lionel products could be found on a modern warship(battleship shown), "to help beat the Axis"(to quote the catalog). The Azimuth Circle is an instrument for measuring bearing, in relation to another object. It is a graduated circle with two mechanisms for taking sights. This was then used as part of the Pelorus, with the circle designed to fit atop a U.S. Navy Standard compass. A complicated instrument used for obtaining bearing and compass direction. The direction and distance of another object(land, air, and or ship) in relation to the ship. The Azimuth Circle fits atop the Pelorus stand. Made of highly detailed painted die-cast metal with brass fittings, stamped lettering, measures 10 1/2", and glass sight mechanisms. Came in polished felt-lined mahoganny box with Lionel Type 712A name plate. A very rare historical piece of Lionel and U.S. Navy history, not many survived. A very unique item for the train room and WW II memorabilia collector.

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