Lionel SET-2003-4



  • Lionel's Signature Santa Fe Warbonnet F3 ABA is a 3 unit loco which heads this tremendous set with 7 cars and a coal loader
  • The powered A unit has 2 motors and magnetraction with enough power to haul over 50 cars. The non-powered A and B units re-create the 3 unit locomotives used by the Santa Fe on their fastest passenger and freight trains from Chicago to Los Angeles
  • Two special features include the coal loader which will load coal into the coal car, and the all time favorite milk car with milkman who unloads milk cars on the platform at the touch of a button
  • >No assembly required except connecting the track together
  • Control everything from the palm of your hand with the Lionel controller or from the transformer
  • Uncouple anywhere on layout
  • All cars have operating couplers, letting you drop off a car from train and picking up another and performing the switching operations of real railroading
  • Unload milk cans onto the platform with the Hoods milk car
  • Unload coal from the all metal Alaska RR coal car, watch the coal move magically to and then up the conveyer and reload into the car
  • Watch the man throw out a mail bag from the Railway Express Car, and use the derrick car to pick up loads or derailed cars
  • The red Western Pacific Caboose is lighted and is home to the crew while on the road
  • A 6-12969 TrainMaster Command Set (including handheld controller and command base)
  • The 102 X 82 inch O Gauge layout rounds out this deluxe set and is large enough to fit under any Christmas tree
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