Lionel SET-2007-4



  • Here's an extraordinary set with full TMCC
  • It includes all the TMCC equipment needed to run up to 10 trains on one layout with the hand held controller
  • The set is complete and ready to run with no assembly required
  • The Broadway Limited was one of the most famous trains in the world, running overnight every night beween New York and Chicago
  • Relive the glory days of the original version of the Broadway Limited with the classic tuscan Pullman cars found only on the Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Imagine sitting on the open observation deck traveling at 100 miles an hour - a luxury long gone today
  • The set includes:
  • A Pennsylvinia Mikado Steam engine in Tuscan Green with full TMCC computer system installed in the engine
  • 5 deluxe full scale passenger cars, including 1 'Combinatio' Pullman Baggage and Sleeper; 2 Pullman Sleepers, 1 Pullman Observation, and 1 Diner with Station Sounds
  • ZW transfomer (the granddaddy of all Model Train Power sources). It is rated at 360 watts but expandable to 720 watts, and will power your layout thru many expansions
  • Hand held controller and Command Base, which will handle up to 10 trains on one layout without additonal purchases
  • An extra large fastrack layout with 72 inch diamater track making an oval 11 feet long and 6 feet wide (you can make it wider and shorter too)
  • 3 books are included on operating trains, operating TMCC and planning FasTrack layouts
  • The Stationsounds system is accessible with either the TrainMaster Command Control system or a conventional transformer and has custom recordings featuring multiple characters, allowing you to recreate an entire rail journey from departure to arrival at your final destination
  • All the cars have the following features:
  • die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers with hidden uncoupling tab
  • flexible diaphragms between cars
  • opening doors
  • authentically detailed and painted interior with accurate floor plans of the original cars
  • overhead interior lighting with ON/OFF switch
  • The set is deluxe in everyway, emulating the luxury of the original Pennslyvania Broadway Limited
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