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Welcome to the "Hall of Sets" on these pages are the highlights of Lionel's Classic Postwar Collectable Sets.
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1950 2169WS 773 Hudson Freight Set
The pre-war scale 700E Hudson steam locomotive and tender was reissued in 1950 to commemorate Lionel's 50th anniversary. The reissued locomotive was numbered 773 and came with the highly desirable 2426W die cast tender. The 2169WS freight set included a 3656 operating cattle car, 6456 Lehigh Valley hopper car, 3469 side dump ore car, 6411 flat car with logs and a 6457 illuminated caboose.

The 773 locomotive included headlight, smoke and magne-traction and had it's "773" number rubber stamped in silver. The 2426W tender was die cast and is the most desirable of post-war Lionel tenders. It was cataloged with "New York Central" lettering but was produced in "Lionel Lines". The engine was supplied in a Standard carton with full wraparound liner and numbered "773-161" and manufactured by the Star Corrugated Box Company while the tender was in a Middle Classic box with a protective liner and numbered "2426W-10". The operating instructions, "How to Operate No. 773 Hudson-Type Locomotive For 'O' Gauge Track" sheet was numbered "773-132 11-50".

The 3656 cattle car, operating platform, horses and ramp were packaged in a Middle Classic master carton numbered "3656-40" with corrugated liner. Inside this master carton, the 3656 was supplied in Middle Classic box numbered "3656-42". Nine horses, numbered "3656-9" were supplied in a box numbered "3656-44". An envelope containing the electrical components and instructions numbered "No. 3656-47 Rev." was also included. This envelope contained: 1 "3656-66 'O' Gauge Grounding Connector", 1 3656-67 'O' Gauge Energizing Blade, 3 81-32 connecting wires, 1 364C-1 control button, 1 CTC lockon and 1 3656-43 operating instructions, "How to Install and Operate No. 3656 Stock Car Outfit for '027' and 'O' Gauge Track" sheet numbered "Form No. 3656-43-9-50-TT".

The 6456 Lehigh Valley maroon hopper was supplied in a Middle Classic box numbered "6456-55". The 3469 operating ore car was in a Middle Classic box printed "No. 3469X Automatic Dump Car" on the end and numbered "3469X-2". The operating instructions, "Instructions for Operating Lionel Remote Control Dump Car No. 3469 and Lumber Car No. 3461", sheet was numbered "Form No. 3461-11-2-50TT". Although not packaged in the ore car box, also included was a 160 plastic bin and number 206 bag of artificial coal. The 6411 flat car with came with 3 large logs. The box was a Middle Classic and was numbered "6411-5".

The 6457 brown Lionel Lines caboose included smoke stack, ladders, brake wheels, light and tool boxes. It's Middle Classic box was numbered "6457-7".
The "O" gauge track included 8 curved, 7 straight and 1 UCS uncoupling/operating section. The UCS included operating instructions, "How to Operate Lionel Remote Control Track Sets" and was numbered "6019-16-JTDEX-5 50TT".
The set box was corrugated Conventional Tan with an orange field framed in blue with blue printing and the retail price of $79.50.

Other items included in the set were a bottle of SP smoke pellets, wood smoke stack cleaner, 2 hook up wires, Lionel train lubricant, booklet "Instructions for Assembling and Operating Lionel Trains" numbered "No. 926-50", a large 17"X23" fold-out sheet "Railroading is Fun! With Lionel Accessories to Give It Realism", and a 1950 Lionel Catalog.

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