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Golden Anniversary Coaster

A promotional item manufactured by Lennox.

According to Greenburg's Guide it was packaged individually with an engraved note on white stock from J.L. Cowen...

"with my personal compliments on the occasion of the Golden Anniversary of the Lionel Corporation."


The LOCOSCOPE was available two different ways. The first, was as a free gift to anyone who took out a two year subscription to Model Builder Magazine.

The second way was associated with the 1939 World's Fair in New York. The LOCOSCOPE pictured here is that one, with a Filmstrip of "New York World's Fair Locomotives."

1902 Lionel #200 Gondola

Made out of wood with the "FAN" wet cell battery operated motor. This model was used in New York City Window displays.

Our research indicates that this variation - wood with brass trim - was probably assembled by Joshua Lionel Cowen himself. There are 9 known to exist.

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