Item 6-18119

  • Traditional Diesels Engines without TMCC - Click here for explanation.

  • Engines built from 1920 thru 1999. (the year that COMMAND CONTROL,TMCC, LEGACY and the handheld controller were invented), and those produced after 1999 without TMCC are defined as conventional' or traditional'engines/locomotives
  • These include motorized units such as trolleys and handcars
  • They all have Lionel's famous remote control system, with forward, neutral and reverse
  • Direction, speed, and whistle are controlled by remote control from buttons on the transformer
  • This system (with neutral) is NOT available in any other gauge like HO or G gauge
  • With the other gauges, you can't stop a train with the power on and use an operating car (such as a log or coal unloading car or a milk car which unloads milk cans
  • Since 1999. other names have also been used in various catalogs, including traditional, conventional, premium traditonal, conventional classics and command ready. These include engines in starter sets currently shown in Lionel's 'Ready to Run' Catalog
  • In addtion to being remotely controlled from the transformer, all of these can be run with a Lionel Handheld controller without any modification at all, simply by installing a 6-24130 powermaster between the transfomer and the track. (Installation is just a matter of connecting 4 wires) One powermaster is required for each seperate track or loop that that you want to control
  • Your children will know what to do immediately, and you will learn easily
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