Item 6-38103

  • Legacy Command Control Diesels and Electrics with TMCC/LEGACY -click here for explanation

    Command Control System (LEGACY OR TMCC) are listed here. Click back once and click on each line below for pictures, description and the ordering button
  • Using a hand held controller, you can control speed, couple and uncouple anywhere on the layout, gang two locos together for a doubleheader, then separate them once you've climbed the grade - all while moving
  • Also you can control routes, switches and accessories too, and perform many other functions as well
  • Each locomotive has a horn, bell, diesel roar, remote volume control, screeching brakes, and you can control up to 10 trains simultaneously on the layout; 2 or more on one track, up to 10 engines on 1 to 10 tracks in any desired pattern
  • You will still get the great horn, bell and diesel roar if you are running it with a conventional transformer (including ZW's and KW's) without the handheld
  • In addition to a transformer, one # 6-12911 Command Base and one # 6-12868 Handheld Controller is required to run the command locos (and are all you need to operate up to 10 locos on 1 to 10 tracks). Both units are contained in item number 6-12969 'Command Set' or can be purchased seperately
  • Installation of 6-12867 Powermaster for each track is recommended if you also want to operate older non-command engines on the same track simultaneously with the command engines
  • This system is great and you will have more fun with trains than ever before

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