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  • Command Control engines are factory equipped with a computer that lets you address the engine as an individual number (1 to 99) and control it with the CAB-1 handheld wireless remote control. You can run as many as 10 engines on one track or several tracks (up to10 tracks) at the same time on one layout
  • You can have ten friends, each controlling one engine on the layout if you have 10 CAB-1 controllers. A command controlled engine will sit on a track and not do anything until you instruct it. This means you can have a yard with many engines and select the ones to bring out to the main line.
  • In addition to transformer, all that is required is one #6-12868 Cab 1 Handheld Controller and one #6-12911 Command Base for up to 10 locos on up to 10 tracks. Each may be purchased separately (go to the track and transformer navigation bar on the left. Item number 6-12969 'Command Set' contains both
  • Also purchase a 6-12867 powermaster if you want to run older trains on the same track and increase the fun beyond your imagination
  • We highly recommend this system and these locomotives
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