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Manufactured from 1952 until 1954, the hand car appeared in several different decal schemes and operational variations. The original 1952 version lacked a decal completely and was simply marked "American Flyer Lines" in black lettering. Multicolor decals were added later in 1952 which substantially enhanced the appearance. This was followed by vent holes in the raised portion of the motor housing and two lanterns were added, one at each end. Later, the handcar was offered with three tipple cars, known as the Miners Train set #5300T. In 1953 the hand car was offered with a shed. The shed had a grey base, white sides and red roof. It was marketed under the number 741. Eventually the gang car was offered with direction control and marketed under the number 742. All hand cars came with two rubber men who pump away on a metal bar, simulating the action of moving the car. Both figures were painted which added to the realism of the car.


18706-1 AMERICAN FLYER 740 HAND CAR (1952 TO 1954)

18706 AMERICAN FLYER 740 HAND CAR (1952 TO 1954)

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