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  • Fastrack, 0 and 0-27 trains run on any manufacturers 0-Gauge track and 0-27 gauge track as well as on the new Fastrack from Lionel
  • If you are a first time buyer, please do not let this section confuse you - Lionel is the easiest thing in the world to put together, is indestructible, and the best gift in the world. Just pick your set, and put it right on the rug under the tree. No assembly required; sets are ready to run with everything you need in one package
  • Read this again after you have your set and want to expand, and you will fully understand everything here (It's so much fun that 95% of all our Lionel Train Set buyers expand
  • 0-27 track has a basic diameter of 27 inches, with additional diameters of 42, 54 and 72 inches available
  • O-Gauge track has a basic diameter of 31 inches, with additional diameters of 42, 54 and 72 inches available
  • Fastrack is the first new Lionel track system in 75 years, has a basic diamater of 36 inches, snaps together and has a ballasted track bed and ties. You can hang an oval on a hook in a closet without need for disassembly, and you will never have to pull a pin to construct a reverse curve
  • Beginning in 2003, sets shipped from the factory (with track included) contain 36 inch diameter fastrack
  • Conversion tracks are available to allow use of Fastrack and 0-Gauge track on a layout
  • Before 1970, Lionel sold sets containing either O or O-27 track, hence the name O-Gauge andhence the names O-Gauge and 0-27 sets. (The locos and cars were the same). From 1970 until 2002, sets shipped from the factory which contained track were provided with 0-27 track. Our special Train-Station sets (and our TS15CC and TS15 track packages) were supplied with 42 inch diameter 0-Gauge track. (42 inch diameter is new: we recommend using it wherever possible)
  • O gauge is a heavier track, made with 3 times as much steel than 0-27 track. In addition, 0-Gauge switches have lights on the switches and on the remote controllers. The lights show routing for the trains and adds lots of interest and capability. O-27 switches do not have any lights
  • Any set can be converted to 0-gauge simply by replacing the 0-27 track with 0-Gauge track
  • Most people convert to 0-gauge when moving the train to a permanent layout from under the Xmas tree, i.e, expanding to or beyond a 4x8 foot table and/or when increasing the number of switches beyond one or two pairs
  • Lionel track will last forever and are the indestructible sizes for little children
  • For either gauge, a full circle requires 12 sections of 42 inch diameter; and/or 16 sections of 54 or 72 inch diameter track
  • Regular 0-27 (27 inch diameter) and 0 gauge (31 inch diameter) require 8 sections of curved track for a circle
  • Our K-1 book has over 30 pages of layouts in this 245 page bookplus many other suggestions, operating instructions, etc., and is invaluable
  • We also carry K-line snap track, which has the same tubular rail as regular Lionel, and is excellent for people who like the look of scale size ties and track that snaps together
  • The most important advantage of the K-line snap track (and Gargraves and Ross too - see below) is the two outer rails are insulated from each other, enabling these tracks to be used for block systems and elaborate signaling systems on elaborate layouts. (Block systems will enable you to run several trains on one loop without a collision)
  • Gargraves track comes in 3 foot lengths and is bendable into any diameter. Mating pins permit interchanging with regular 0 and 0-27 gauge
  • We also have Ross track for more advanced layout designs. You can call us (Dave Shaw, Doug Waller, Doug Dressler, Dan White or Bob Hansen) at 973-263-1979 or e-mail the webmaster (Steve Morris) at for assistance -- especially with the Ross. We do not maintain most Ross on the net at this moment because too many people order it wrong; let us help you with your order
  • We can build your layout too
  • Adaptor tracks will allow conversion between 0-gauge and Fastrack
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