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Introduced in 1951, and produced under this number until 1956. This house had the most color combinations of any Plasticville kit (19 different color combinations, the rarest being aqua or dark blue sides). Kit consisted of six pieces (with the chimney usually missing). Came in a one piece lift lid box in aqua and red colors. Great for the Plasticville collector or the layout village! The house with the green walls can appear as a shiny green or a dull, drab-looking green. The dark blue with dark grey roof and white doors remains the most sought after variation. Variations: 1. White sides/blue roof/blue doors 2. White sides/ blue roof/red doors 3. Blue sides/dark grey roof/white doors 4. Dark blue sides/dark grey roof/white doors 5. Brown sides/red roof/red doors 6. Green sides/white roof/white doors 7. Pink sides/light grey roof/white doors 8. Pink sides/light grey roof/light grey doors 9. Salmon sides/dark grey roof/white doors 10. Salmon sides/dark grey roof/red doors 11. Reddish salmon sides/dark grey roof/white doors 12. Turquoise sides/white roof/white doors 13. Turquoise sides/white roof/red doors 14. Turquoise sides/white roof/grey doors 15. Pea green sides/brown roof/white doors 16. Yellow sides/white roof/white doors 17. Grey sides/brown roof/white doors 18. Grey Sides/bright blue roof/white doors 19. Aqua sides/dark grey roof/white doors



18216LNOB PLASTICVILLE RH-1 RANCH HOUSE -> C-8 Like New - Free of blemishes, nicks or scratches; original condition throughout; very little sign of use. With Original Box

18003VGOB PLASTICVILLE RH-1 RANCH HOUSE -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

17420VG PLASTICVILLE RH-1 RANCH HOUSE -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

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