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Item pw-00001



  • Each of our postwar items (manufactured from 1945 through 1969) is priced and graded individually according to condition
  • If we have 5 different #2321 Lackawanna Locomotives in stock, we will have 5 seperate pictures, descriptions and prices, in addition to a generic description (and picture) covering the general information on the the item
  • Each piece is identified seperately with it's own 'serial' number
  • Each line showing item number, name and the word 'CLICK HERE' is a 'header' for an item
  • Click on any header (i.e.any line where it says 'Click Here') and a generic picture and description will appear
  • Scroll down below the description and you will see a 'serial list'. If we have 5 pieces in stock and ready to sell, there will be 5 seperate lines or listings
  • Click on each line for individual pictures, description and price of each piece, along with an 'Add to Cart' link. (Scroll down, the price will be under the picture, and the 'add to cart' link will be below the description)
  • Use the 'back' browser button to go back to the serial list and click on another serialized item for sale
  • Once you have purchased a serialized item, please DO NOT change the quantity of the item in your shopping cart to 2 or more, each postwar item is a unique 'one-of-a-kind' piece, and only 1 is available with that serial number
  • You can purchase more than 1 by buying different serial numbers
  • You can browse back and forth, using your browser's back button or select 'postwar' from the navigation bar on the left of the screen.
  • Occasionally there will be a 'serialized'header line but no items shown on the serial list. This means we are out of stock on that item but the general description remains for your reference
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