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  • At the time the Fairbanks Morse Trainmaster was introduced and produced, it was the most powerful diesel locomotive on the market
  • Using Fairbanks-Morse's opposed-piston engine, the H24-66, it produced 2,400 horsepower directed towards 2 6-wheel trucks
  • With 2,400 horsepower it offered double the horsepower of the F3 and the promise was could pull twice as much for the same maintenance costs
  • They did the job well
  • The Lackawanna was the first railraod to get the FM's, in 1953, and Lionel cataloged their 1st model (The Lackawanna) in 1954
  • 1 a minute rolled off the Lionel assembly line for 2 shifts a day (16 hours) for nearly 2 years.
  • Lionel's model with 2 motors is one of the most powerful and handsome Lionel Locos of all time
  • See our documentary video describing all of the Lionel Variations and how to determine an original from a fake
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