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  • Lionel Trains made space age cars which included use of flat cars to carry all manner of military loads. These included missiles and military vehicles, and as well a numerous other loads designed by Lionel which improved the excitement of Lionel Train sets
  • Like any Lionel Train, the cars were rugged , durable and virtually indestructible, and are working perfectly today like any other Lionel Train, even though many are more than 60 years old
  • However, many of the new loads that Lionel developed were much more fragile than the rest of the Lionel Train Set, and unbroken loads today have assumed relatively high values and are hard to find if you want to add them to your collection of Lionel Trains and Lionel Train Set
  • Lionel began production of these cars after General Mediaris became president of Lionel
  • General Mediaris had been Commander of the Army's Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal, and brought Lionel Trains new ideas for design and production of Lionel Train Cars for separate sale to add to existing Lionel Train Sets
  • In addition, they were added to new Lionel Train Sets to increase the appeal of a Lionel Train Set to the general public follosing the space race that began after the launch of Sputnik by the Russians
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