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  • Lionel Trains made operating cars which involved all manner of operations from real railroads, and some which were fanciful to improve the excitement of Lionel Train Sets.
  • Some were produced in the largest quantity of any children's play toy ever made
  • Like any Lionel Train, they were rugged , durable and virtually indestructible, and are working perfectly today even though many are more than 60 years old
  • These included box cars which discharged a box or mail bag, coal and log cars which dumped coal or logs off the side of the car by tilting the body of the car, milk cars which throw out a milk can, and many, many more Lionel Train items
  • Lionel produced the cars as separate sale items to be added to previously purchased Lionel Train Sets, and had a great marketing tool to vastly increase purchases of additional Lionel Train cars and other Lionel Trains to people who had previously bought a Lionel Train or Lionel Train Set for their child
  • The Lionel operating cars also added to the appeal of Lionel Train Sets offered to the 1st time buyer of a Lionel Train Set
  • This market for Lionel Trains and Lionel Train Cars was not confined to just children either, many adults played with Lionel Trains under the tree, and their purchase of a Lionel Train Set let to construction of layouts which enabled the operation (and purchase of) many more Lionel Train Locomotives, Lionel Train Sets and Lionel Train Accessories and other Lionel Trains
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