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  • Lionel Tank Cars are used to transport all sorts of liquids over the rails and were included in a great many Lionel Train Sets. But don't try to transport water in a Lionel Train or a real railroad tank car in freezing weather!
  • In addition to including Tank Cars in most postwar Lionel Train Sets, Lionel sold enormous quantities to Lionel Train buyers who wanted to add a Lionel Car to their previously purchased Lionel Train Set or Lionel Train Layout
  • There were 5 basic types of Lione Tank cars produced from 1946 thru 1969:
  • A Lionel Train tanker with sheet metal tank and die cast frame (as carry over from pre world war 2 production
  • A 2 dome Lionel Tank car (plastic tank)
  • A shorter single dome Lionel Tank Car
  • A longer single dome tank car (also called the chemical tank car and usually made with metal catwalk around the dome, usually with Lionel Lines markigs)
  • A 3 dome Lionel Train Tank Car, with the Lionel Train Corporation having obtained a license from both Sunoco and Gulf oil to use those names on many other Lionel Trains as well as this particular Lionel Train Car
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