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Item pw-2020 horz motor



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Built in 1946, this is the extremely desirable first production model of the turbine. It was only produced for a very short time in 1946. It has a "horizontal" motor with a spur gear connected to a horizontal drive shaft with worm gear that engages the axles of the front and rear drive wheels. Has a unique sound from the motor and gears when it runs. Within a few months the design was changed and this version was discontinued. The newer models had the motor slanted slightly and the drive shaft engaging only one axle (for the rear drive wheels), giving a major cost saving to Lionel. 6-8-6 black painted diecast body without E-unit slot, silver rubber-stamped cab number, wire handrails, and thick nickel rims on all drivers. Horizontally mounted motor with brush plate marked "LIONEL ATOMIC/PRECISION MOTOR" with two female receptacles for E-unit jack. Three position E-unit. Lighted with prism lens, smoke with early smoke bulb unit. Tender was short 2466W-type with wire railings, coil couplers, and fifth rail pick-up for coupler operation. Has been found three ways - with no number stamped on base plate, 2020WX stamped on base, or with 2466WX stamped on base. In 1947, Lionel made available through its service centers a conversion kit to change the smoke unit to the heater system. Most were changed and it is a little difficult to find a 2020 with the original smoke unit. On some of the early engines heat-stamping was used instead of rubber-stamping to apply the "6200" to the boiler front keystone. Decaled versions of the number are also documented.


18794EXOB LIONEL 2020 PENNSYLVANIA S2 TURBINE - 1946 MODEL -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust. With Original Box

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