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The 2383 was the longest running production of any single Lionel F3 set, being produced from 1958 until 1966. With two Pullmor motors and Magnetraction, these locos could (and still can) handle just about any train thrown at them. The 1964 version of the 2383 was the last external change to the Santa Fe. The decal was modified from prior years and is significantly different. The black oval on the nose decal now fully surrounds the Santa Fe lettering, whereas in prior years the oval was interrupted by the horizonal lines of the herald. Also, the nose decals used in 1964 production feature noticeably thinner horizontal and vertical lines. The arrows on the main picture on our website show the difference between the thick oval decal (1958 and possibly early 1959), the thin oval decal (late 1959 through to 1963) and the thin oval decal with an uninterupted black oval (produced 1964 only) (reference "Lionel's Post-War F3's" by Joe Algozzini - Greenberg Books 1995, and our Train-Station files). All 2383's are painted in the Santa Fe's famous Warbonnet paint scheme with a red and silver body, and yellow and black rubber-stamped detailing stripes. They have louvers in the roof instead of having the wire mesh screens. The portholes are closed - molded into the body itself. The lettering is heat-stamped in black - as are the GM logos. The frame is painted silver and the trucks are chemically blackened. The wraparound Santa Fe decal on the nose has thick striping. External features include one piece ornamental horns, molded cab door ladder, window shell, number boards, and headlight lens. Additional features include twin vertical Pullmor motors, Magnetraction, three position E-unit, interior lighting/headlights, horn in powered unit, and operating couplers on the pilot trucks. The 2383 pair was never offered with a B unit. However, the 2243C with it's black trucks is almost a perfect match.


18808EXOB 2383-03 SANTA FE F3 AA WITH UNBROKEN OVAL DECAL -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust. With Original Box

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