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Launches helicopter into the air either by pushing the button as car passes over the remote uncoupling track or by pressing the lever mounted on the car. Helicopter will rise several feet propelled by its own spinning rotor blade - quite a feat! Flat car features an unpainted plastic body with heat-stamped lettering and AAR trucks - usually with two operating couplers. Metal brake wheel. Early versions had two levers sticking out of the deck - later versions had one lever out of the deck and one on the side. Levers can be black or plated metal. Winder can be two or one and three eighths of an inch in diameter. Came with 3419-51 "How to Operate" instruction sheet dated 3-61. Glue on windshields of chopper and sometimes fading is a sign of originality. Helicopters are very fragile and reproductions have been made. Built from 1959 to 1965. The word "Navy" is deeply heat-stamped into the side of original helicopters. The heat-stamping process engraves the word into the plastic to a considerable depth and you can feel the depression with your fingernail. The word "Navy" can be rubber-stamped or silk screened onto reproduction helicopters, therefore there will be no depression. One and two propellor blade helicopters are both acceptable. However, the two bladed version is more desirable.


18519VGOB 3419 FLAT CAR WITH DOUBLE BLADE NAVY HELICOPTER -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

18511G 3419 OPERATING HELICOPTER CAR (1959 - 1965) -> C-5 Good - Scratched, small dents, dirty.

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