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This car is much rarer then it's given credit, due to the short run and numerous variations. The 3484-25 AT&SF operating box car was the second and last road name introduced in the 3484 series. Introduced and cataloged only in 1954, after that only came in two rare Sears promotional sets (505X in 1955, and 9606 in 1956). Multiple production runs led to numerious varations in orange color shades (dull/glossy). Early first production run had rare black heat-stamped letters. This short-lived variation was replaced by cars with white heat-stamped letters. Also features painted body with heat or rubber-stamped lettering, metal frame and brake wheel, operation activated via plunger and remote uncoupler track, bar-end trucks, and a small or large rubberized figure. Early versions came on a Type 1 body, later Type 2a, and finally Type 2b body mold. The component box style was Middle Classic with the S.F. stamp (1954 - 1955), and Late Middle Classic without S.F. stamp (1956). All came with directions dated for the given year.



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