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Built from 1949 until 1950. NW2 switcher with ringing bell. Black painted body with white heat-stamped lettering, GM and Santa Fe decals, wire handrails, lighted, front and rear coupler, three position E-unit, and two axle Magnetraction. There are four sizes of GM decals and different placement of the decal: Type 1: 622 heat-stamped on nose and side of cab, with large GM decal on cab side below number; Type 2: identical to type 1 but with small GM decal on either side of hood near nose; Type 3: #622 markings on nose, large GM decal on cab side; Type 4: no nose markings and small GM decal on side of hood near nose
  • The small decal version with painted white "Built by Lionel" is a rarity - the only things rarer are prototypes and small special runs of 50 or less. The more common version has "Built by Lionel" in raised unpainted letters molded into the body
  • The switchers with diecast bases are one of the best running locos Lionel ever made and the added nice, quiet, dignified bell in this model makes it oh so nice and, I believe, so much nicer than the best digital railsounds of today! Maybe we're old fashioned but these locos are the best!


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    18868VGOB 622 AT&SF NW2 DIESEL SWITCHER WITH RINGING BELL -> C-6 Very Good - Few scratches, exceptionally clean, no dents or rust.

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