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Made by Lionel between 1959 and 1969 only. Simpler and cheaper than the 91, the 92 circuit breaker controller has the added versatility of being a reversing button as well, as indicated by the name. The circuitry of the 92 is enclosed in a case identical to that used by the 90(D) controller only with different graphics. The circuit breaker function depends on a heated bimetal switch. The heater coil wraps around a switch arm made of two dissimilar metal strips bonded together. Electrically, the heater is connected in series with the switch contacts, which in turn are in series with the load (a train, accessory, or whatever). As the current to the load increases, the heater warms the bimetal arm. The different expansion rates of the two metals causes the bimetal arm to bend until the contacts finally open and break the circuit. Heating the bimetal arm takes time, so even with the heavy current flow of a short circuit in the load, the breaker will not start to act for as long as a few seconds. How quickly the breaker functions depends on how much heat was generated from normal operation before the shock occurred. The 92, unlike the 91, is a self-resetting breaker. Once the contacts open, current ceases to flow not only to the load, but to the heater winding as well. This allows the bimetal arm to cool and straighten, which closes the contacts and starts the cycle again. Unless the short circuit is removed or the transformer turned off, the circuit breaker will cycle on and off every few seconds indefinitely. The instruction sheet for the 92, printed black on white, has part number 92-22 and is dated 11-59. The 92 for seperate sale was packaged in a manila envelope, part number 90-26, with black printing. This envelope contained the 92 controller and two 81-32 connecting wires, but no instruction sheet. The instruction sheet was included when the 92 was packaged in a small seperate sale box. Top price requires a nice envelope or untorn box with instruction sheet.


18432MOB LIONEL 92 CIRCUIT BREAKER CONTROLLER -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused. With Original Box

18432-1MOB LIONEL 92 CIRCUIT BREAKER CONTROLLER -> C-10 Mint - Brand New, absolutely unmarred, all original and unused. With Original Box

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