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To search by name enter your search terms separated by spaces (no quotes or commas) , select your search type ("AND" or "OR") and click the appropiate search button. If necessary, Scroll down to read all the search tips.

  • Enter "Thomas" in the text search to find all Thomas the Tank Engines and Friends.
  • Enter "Bulb" to find our entire bulb selection for trains dollhouses, and other hobbies.
  • Enter "Building" to find our entire stock of scale buildings.
  • Enter catalog numbers WITHOUT any prefix, (i.e. 736, 21971, 11716, etc.)
  • Entering "PW" in the item number search will return all the Postwar Shopping Cart Items.
  • Entering "023922" will return most new Lionel available in the cart (a rather long listing.)
  • To search by item number enter as much of the item number as you are certain of and click search.
    Just enter the 5 or 4 digit catalog number without any prefix,
    (i.e. 21971 without 6-).
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SEARCH by Item Number
Search Type: OR AND
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For example: "Santa Fe" Entered with a search type of "AND" will return items with names containing both "Santa" and "Fe", "OR" will give you those items but also Santa hand cars. Experiment with the search until you know exactly how you want to work with it.

It is not necessary to use "Wild Cards" in your search string...In our search engine "Less is More".

We hope this new search capability will make locating items in our shopping cart easier.

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