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Quoting from the 1954 catalog:
"Get aboard this Seaboard switcher to get your track work done. Look at the color of her! Feel the power and speed when you open the throttle of your transformer. The cars you're drawing are chosen especially for track work. A scale-modelled (brick colored) pipe car which you can use for other loads, a hopper car and the grand crane that can be used for loading. At the rear end is a wrecker caboose which is nearly always on a work train. Train measures 4 ft, 1 in long"
Set includes 6250 switcher (with vertical pullmor motor and magnetraction)
6511 brick red-painted pipe car.
6456-25 gray Lehigh Valley hopper.
6460-25 red cab crane with painted red cab (This crane is unique to this set, with the -25 being the special designation for the red painted cab version (rarity 4), and was shipped with a special box with -25 on the end flaps.)
Set also includes a 6419-25 D.L & W. work caboose; 8 curved and 5 straight O-27 track; 6019 uncoupling/operating section; lockon; tube of lube and a 1034 75-watt transformer.
The outfit box was the standard 1953-1954 circled-L type. The 6250 was a new road name and it would be the last of the 'quality' switchers (e.g. SW1's with die cast base) There were both decaled and rubber stamped versions (with the rubber stamped version being more desireable and not subject to flaking and deterioration of the decal). The engine was packed in the standard Middle Classic box with a full wraparound liner. The caboose with only one coupler usually came in a box with a '25' on either side of the word LIONEL on the end flaps, as did the 6460 crane. This was the 1st outfit to include the 6511 pipe car with cast-metal underplate.

Paperwork includes 'How to operate Lionel Diesel Switchers with Magnetraction' (form 623-17-3-54-tt); Manual 'How to operate Lionel Trains and Accessories' (form 926-54); sheet 6019-16-5-54-tt for 6019 for O27 track and type UCS for O Track; and 'list of service stations (1953, 1954 (form 927-53-tt)

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