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This is The Halloween General set, not the Sears set. (It has been erroneously identified as a Sears set for many years. The actual Sears General set, number 9666 contained an 1862 locomotive and 1865/1866 passenger cars.) A set number is not known at this time since it was not printed on the box (please contact us if you have information relevant to the set number).

The 1882 locomotive and 1882T tender were black and orange plastic with gold heat stamped lettering. The locomotive was equipped with a light but not smoke.

The 1866 mail car was a standard production yellow body with brown roof version car that was standard in 1862 027 sets.
The blue 1885 passenger car was unique to this set. It had a brown roof and white heat stamped lettering.
The 1887 flat car with yellow fence was also unique to this set. It had yellow heat stamped lettering.

The set contained a unique 963 frontier set box with cabin, fence, windmill, pump, horses and cows. The box in this set differed from standard 963 frontier sets with a "Frontier" scene printed on the front of the box and with a unique number 963-100 versus the standard 963 number found on other frontier sets.

The set box was a large maroon flat box without a lid containing a die-cut filler with red and green sparkles that fit into a plain cardboard sleeve.
027 track included:
12 curve, 4 straight, 1, 90 degree crossing and a 1015 transformer.

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