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1956 #2170 New Jersey Central Passenger Set
This is the Rare 1956 Jerey Central 2341 FM passenger set with "flat channel" type passeger cars. This is a premier post-war Lionel set. It includes the rare 2341 FM Jersey central and 3 aluminum passenger cars.

The 2341 Jersey Central FM, featured horn instructions on a sticker on battery plate, and a 2 piece coupler armature and vertical light brackets. The motor armature, field and E-unit windings were a copper color The 2341 locomotive box was a standard carton with liner.

The Aluminum passenger cars were the flat channel type (the ribs in the area immediately above the windows were eliminated to accomodate the stripes on the Pennsylvania 254x series aluminum cars) The car name plates glued on and name plate rivets were either simulated or eliminated, boxes came without liners and are either middle classic with stock numbers printed on all four sides or late classic with stock numbers eliminated, sets can have combinations of name plate types and boxes.

The included cars were the:
2531 Silver Dawn Observation car
2531 Silver Range Viste Dome car and the
2533 Silver Cloud Pullman car
The Set included 8 curved, seven straight, pieces of track, a UCS uncoupling track, lock on, the 1956 How to operate Lionel Trains manual (Form 926-56), 1956 Service Station manual (Form 927 Revised-7-30-56-TT), FM instruction manual (Form 2321-85 ?-56), and the How to operate Lionel Remote Control Track Sets (Form No. 6019-16-4-56-TT or 6010-16-4-56-TT.)

The Set box was the tan conventional carton overprinted with an off-white tone that gave the appearance of a loosely woven basket, it was printed with a medium blue logo and lettering.

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