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The 4 color Rio Grande was a new road name for the F-3 series, and this was one of two sets to include the 2379 units. The set is one of 7 Super O sets produced in 1957 and is one of the prime collectables that Lionel produced in the middle and late 1950's.

The set consists of: 2379 Rio Grande AB Units (with heat stamped lettering and stripes). The 2379P powered A unit box (2379-11) was a Revised corrugated carton without a protective liner made by The Express Container Corp. with an "X" stamped on both ends while the 2379C B unit box (2379-54) was Late Classic with a protective liner.

Included "Instructions for Operating Lionel Twin-Motored Diesel Locomotive" sheet numbered (2367-18-7-56-TT). Both the A and B units were wrapped in "Lionel" protective paper.

3562-75 Orange operating barrel car (75 is the suffix for the orange version) with "How to Operate Lionel No. 3562 Barrel Car" directions ( No. 3562-54-5-57-TT) and box of 6 barrels number 362-78. The 3562 box is Late Classic, numbered 3562-75 on the ends and contains a cardboard insert that fits on top of the car to protect the figure.

3530 Generator car (usually with a long stripe and blue fuel tank). Blue pole base with search light attached with 2 conductor green wire. Directions on yellow paper, "Instructions for Operating No. 3530 Generator Car Set" sheet numbered (3530-45 11-56). Middle classic box with cardboard insert and "Lionel" paper to hold pole and light in place
3444 Erie animated gondola (cop and hobo car), new for that year. Middle classic box numbered (3444-36). Directions on yellow paper, "How to Operate No. 3444 Animated Gondola" sheet numbered (3444-33-5-57)

6464-525 M St.L Box car, a new addition to the 6464 series boxcars in 1957. Box is very rare overstamped box (factory used 6464-150 boxes and overstamped them for this set only). Box is numbered 6464-161.

6657 Illuminated Rio Grande SP-type caboose. This set is a landmark, being the first set produced with a caboose matching the loco instead of the regular Pennsy or Lionel Lines Porthole caboose used for all sets before this. Middle classic box numbered (6657-7)
Super O track: one insulated straight, twelve curved, three straight, and a 39-20 operating packet (numbered 39-3 which is correct). The packet contains 1 # 61 ground lockon, 1 # 62 power lockon, 2 # 36-2 remote control blades, 1 # 37-25 uncoupling track section, 2 # 90 controllers, 5 #81-32 connecting wires, 1 # 39-2 instruction sheet, 'How to assemble super O track' dated 10-57, 2 # 6-32x 3/16 inch screws, and 1 # 31-7 power bus connector.

PAPER: In addition to the operating instructions listed with each car, also included was a 1957 catalog and a "How to Operate Lionel Trains and Accessories" booklet from 1956-57 with service stations listing for 1956-57 or from 1957-59 with layout on front covers.

The set box was the new tan/brown basket weave look that was introduced exclusively for Super O.

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