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1960 2553WS 736 Super O Freight Set
The 2553WS Super O 736 freight set was one of four 1960 sets that contained a unique track plan; this one with a figure-eight and spur with switch and bumper! All cars except the locomotive came in an orange "Perforated" box.
* The set was headed by a 736 Berkshire steam locomotive with smoke, light and magnetraction along with a 2046W streamlined whistle tender with AAR trucks. The engine came in a "Perforated Front Revised" box. Included were "Instructions for Operating Lionel Smoke Locomotives with Magne-Traction" numbered "682-16 3-60". Note that 736W streamlined tenders found their way into this set. Lionel was transitioning from the metal truck 2046W to the plastice truck 736W in 1961 and Lionel substituted the 736W when 2046W inventory was exhausted.
* 3830 flat car with 3830 operating submarine and AAR trucks. Included "Assembling and Operating Lionel Commando-Submarine" instructions numbered "3330-107 8-60". Box numbered "3830-9". Alao included envelope containing rubber bands.
* 3435 aquarium car rubber stamped yellow lettering/numbers with AAR trucks. Box number "3435-34". Operating instuctions "How to Operate Lionel No 3435 Aquarium Car" numbered 3435-33 8-59".
* 3419 helicopter car with Navy helicopter, AAR trucks. Box numbered "3419-40". Operating instructions "How to Operate Lionel Helicopter Launching Car" numbered "3419-51 6-60".
3672 Bosco milk car with AAR or bar end trucks, 5 Bosco milk cans, brown/yellow platform, in a non-perforated box with picture of the car and platform. Operating instuctions "How to Operate Lionel Automatic Milk Car with Unloading Platform" numbered "3662-81 5-59".

Super track included 18 curved, 7 straight, 2 half curve, 6 half straight, 1 insulated straight, 90 degree crossing, #142 left hand manual switch, 260 bumper and 39-35 envelop. The switch was in a box labeled 142-125 on the end and numbered "142-64". It contained in addition to the switch, an envelop labeled 142-158 and numbered "142-159" containing a 31-7 power bus connector, 2 32-20 power bus insulators and a 1022-29 direction signal. The 260 bumper was in a box numbered "260-9". The 39-35 envelop contained: 37-25 uncoupling track section, 43-25 power track section, 2 36-7 remote control blades, 2 #6 sheet metal screws, 2 90 controllers, 5 81-32 connecting wires and a 39-7 instruction sheet "How to Assemble Super-O Track" numbered "39-7 5-59".

* A 1960 instruction manual, "How to Operate Lionel Trains and Accessories" was included. Also, a unique instruction sheet for the specific layout configuration titled "Special Track Layout Instructions" numbered "2096 6/60" was provided. This sheet was 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches and provided a diagram of the layout and instructions to set it up. Additional items were a bottle of SP smoke pellets and the wooden plunger to clean the locomotive smoke stack.

* The set box had a motive power scene on all four sides printed on an orange glossy stock.

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